Timber Paling Fence

We use an Australian milled class 1 or 2 mixed hardwood post usually Iron Bark, all of our posts are sourced from Northern NSW or Southern QLD, areas which have the best reputation for producing high quality posts. The remainder of the fence consists of treated pine rails, palings and plinths. All timber is rough sawn.

A standard timber paling fence is the most traditional style, and most economical. 


Exposed Hardwood Post Fence with Capping

Similar to a fence with capping although an Exposed Post fence has the posts exposed to the side of the fence the palings are on to create a deliberate panel look. Usually the top of the post is also raised above the height of the capping as a feature.


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Timber Paling Fence with Capping

A timber fence with capping varies from a standard timber fence, with the top rail moved up all the way to the top of the palings and a kiln dried length of capping is attached to the top rail.


The capping has a small lip that sits over the edge of the palings. The capping helps to protect the top of the palings and improves the aesthetics of the fence.

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Exposed Cypress Pine Post Fence with Capping


The same as an Exposed Hardwood fence with the only difference being the post. The post used is a square profile measuring 125x125mm. This thicker post creates a solid look to the posts and these square posts are often cut with a pyramid on top